Plate spring pressure gauge

Plate spring pressure gauge

One of the most powerful specialists in pressure gauges is the diaphragm pressure gauge. As a typical optical feature, they can also be recognized immediately on the flange plates for assembly. Their field of application is preferably in the process industry. But the chemistry and other areas with critical media have discovered the diaphragm pressure gauge for themselves. The display of particularly low and also particularly high pressures is one of the specialties of these pressure gauges. Wherever ordinary Bourdon tube pressure gauges reach their performance limits, these precise gauges are used.

The robust construction and the immensely large measuring range also characterize the pressure gauge. Another special feature is the high overload protection. An overload on the meter can quickly lead to major problems and dangerous situations. Compared with, for example, Bourdon tube manometer, the diaphragm pressure gauges withstand much higher pressures. This safety is due to design and construction, since the measuring membrane is additionally secured by the immense large contact surface on the upper flange. In addition, the measuring membrane has a flattened wave structure, which provides additional protection.

Measuring ranges and media

The diaphragm pressure gauge has an exceptionally wide measuring range. Since the membrane size plays a decisive role here, the measuring ranges are usually classified into different sizes. Common measuring ranges are for example manometers with 0 to 16 mbar, 0 mbar to 250 mbar or also 0 mbar to 400 mbar. At the top, some of the enormous pressures can be measured. A measuring range of 500 mbar to 25 bar is therefore standard. Depending on the designed overload safety, however, pressures up to a thousand times are possible with diaphragm pressure gauges.

As so-called multi-purpose measuring instruments, diaphragm pressure gauges can also be used in critical areas and aggressive media. The wetted components such as diaphragm spring or housing flanges are made of special materials. Here are mainly PTFE, tantalum, Hastelloy, titanium or even gold used. However, the materials used must also meet the required elasticity and tightness. However, special connecting flanges also allow viscous, crystallizing and contaminated media to be used for the measuring tasks. This makes the diaphragm spring pressure gauges real all-rounders under the manometers.

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