Pipe wrap thermometer

Pipe wrap thermometer

For fast and easy measurements of, for example, tube temperatures, tube thermometers are the first choice. The extremely simple and safe handling is also for laymen to accomplish. In addition, it usually requires no to minimal effort during installation and commissioning. These gauges are easy to handle and can be mounted anywhere in a freely accessible location on a pipe system. The measuring device usually consists of a mechanical and round temperature indicator with pointer instrument, a short capillary tube and a contact sensor with spring plate. The instrument can then be attached directly to the pipe via a tension spring.

Display areas and versions

The tube gauges are usually designed as simple analogue gauges. These temperature measuring devices are mostly used in heating, ventilation and sanitary engineering. They are primarily used for simple and fast measurement of flow and return temperatures in heating or cooling systems. Due to the relatively simple installation, these devices can also be operated at changing measuring points. Another advantage is the fact that this no mounting or mounting holes must be mounted in the unit to be measured. Pipes and pipes therefore do not need to be specially prepared or designed to allow fast and reliable measurement.

The measuring instruments are available in standard sizes of 63mm or 80mm. In addition, single or dual-color dual-scale models are available, designed for two ° C and ° F display units. The temperature sensor is designed with a rounded brass plate for optimized contact with the medium. A tension spring enables fast, uncomplicated installation directly on the pipe system. The display range of a tube start-up thermometer is usually between -30 ° C and a maximum of 200 ° C. However, it should be noted with the pipe-mounted thermometers that due to the purely mechanical contact, the ambient temperature and the pipe material, no exact measurement can be expected. One can optimize the measurement to the effect that the measuring and contact point is optimally prepared and also adequately insulated after mounting the sensor. In the area of ​​spray and condensation water, a tube thermometer should not be mounted.

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