Machine Thermometers

Machine Thermometers

In the temperature measuring device segment, machine thermometers play a not insignificant role. In various designs, sizes and different flanges, a wide range of measuring instruments is available for industrial and mechanical engineering. A major advantage of this measuring device class lies in the large measuring range, which can be easily realized on many models via exchangeable capillaries. There are many different designs, thread dimensions and measuring ranges available.

In principle, a distinction is also made between screw-on thermometer inserts or permanently welded display units. Attention should also be paid to the correct choice of protective tube design. Only with correct configuration and choice can the machine thermometers be protected against special thermal, mechanical and also chemical loads. In order to be able to carry out a correct measurement, it should be noted that the immersion tube of the corresponding model design is in as far as possible the entire installation depth in the medium to be measured.

Versions and measuring ranges

The machine thermometers are available in countless designs and designs. For example, for machines and motors there are screwed and welded versions in particularly robust versions. The measuring ranges lie between +50 degrees and +650 degrees and have a liquid filling for vibration damping. Types with glass thermometer and piercing point are suitable for measuring ranges from -30 degrees up to +400 degrees. These are preferably used in storage or silo piles, for measurement in rents or hay storage or for ground measurement in agriculture and horticulture.

Special versions can be found, for example, for ripening rooms, cooling and greenhouses or cooking and bridal tanks. There are versions available with single or double scale display in different colors for ° C or ° F. The measuring ranges typically range between -10 ° C and +110 ° C. A big advantage and almost standard is the possibility to exchange the measuring capillary. Thus, a design can certainly be used for different measuring ranges by simply replacing the capillary. For measuring points with high pressure application, a corresponding protective tube can additionally be used on many models.

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