Industrial Thermometers

Industrial Thermometers

In the field of temperature measurement technology, many different applications have emerged. As many different measuring devices are therefore available for this purpose. When choosing the right measurement technology and the display devices, however, a distinction is also made between conventional areas of application and applications in industry. With the latter, much higher demands are placed on the sensors and building materials used. Classic industrial applications would be chemical plants, high-temperature manufacturing plants, drive and engine construction as well as special applications such as vacuum / vacuum systems or refrigeration technology.

In these applications, the sensors and measuring devices come in contact with partly extreme temperature conditions. This starts with the medium to be thermally measured, such as high pressures of up to 1000 bar or extremely high heat load of up to 1,800 ° C. In addition, there are also special applications of thermometers for exhaust gas measurements in plant or vehicle construction. In order to meet these special requirements, the measuring sensors and display devices must meet special and therefore very high technical requirements.

Materials, designs and measuring ranges

The thermometers manufactured for industrial use use different materials such as stainless steels in order to withstand the usually very harsh operating conditions. For special measuring tasks, for example in the chemical or petrochemical industry or in mechanical engineering, special measuring devices such as thermocouples, thermal switches, resistance thermometers or temperature transmitters are used. In the designs, immersion probes with protective tube design or jacket element are preferably used.

The thermocouple has a standard measuring range of -270 ° C up to +1,300 ° C. Probes made of nickel or chrome / nickel are used here. A tungsten-based special design can measure temperatures up to +2,500 ° C. Thermal switches are also in the class of industrial thermometers, which can not only measure at a certain temperature, but trigger a separate switching operation. The measuring range is -20 ° C up to +300 ° C. Resistance thermometers have a measuring range of -200 ° C up to +850 ° C and are used industrially most often. The temperature transmitters are also an industrial variant of the temperature measurement. They are usually mounted directly at the measuring point and transmit the measured temperature via cable or wireless.

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