Manometer valve

Manometer valve

In the field of pressure gauges and other gauges in a pressurized circuit usually shut-off valves are used as a safety component. They thus serve as shut-off or throttling member for pressure gauges in the measurement of, for example, liquids, gases or vapors. Manometer valves can be found above all in the process industry, in plant construction and mechanical engineering, in the chemical or petrochemical industry as well as in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning.

When a pressure gauge valve comes as the most important aspect of an important safety task to fruition. The valve can primarily serve to completely shut off and secure a system, but on the other hand also act as an adjustable valve in order to be able to produce a certain limitation of the existing pressures. It is advantageous to be able to quickly shut off a printing system for, for example, maintenance or repair work. A safe replacement of a pressure gauge is thus fast and safe for any technician possible.

Designs, materials and applications

Manometer valves are available in different designs and with additional functions. A standard valve with bleeder screw according to DIN 16270 is only used for locking and controlling with bleeding function. Another version according to DIN 16271 additionally has a test connection for a control measurement, for example. The design according to DIN 16272 also has a lockable test connection for additional safety. The test connection is primarily used to connect operating pressure and test pressure gauges to the pressure line.

The materials used for pressure gauge valves are primarily steels (eg C22.8 1.0460) or stainless steels (eg X6CrNiMo Ti7122). In addition, additional material variants such as brass or 316 stainless steel are available for particularly aggressive and corrosive environments. Various connection variants such as union nuts with G or M thread, cutting / compression fittings or welding cones and nipples enable variable use in almost every system. In addition, shut-off valves according to DIN 16271 and DIN 16272 are silicone-free.

Depending on the material, a standard manometer valve can be used in an operating environment of 100 ° C and 100 bar operating pressure. An insert according to DIN 1627x sees a field of application with DN max. 4 of up to 400 bar at a maximum temperature of 120 ° C before. Limitations apply in particular to the materials brass (120 ° C and 250 bar) as well as steel / stainless steel CrNi (200 ° C and 400 bar). When working in particularly difficult environments and when using aggressive media, special materials such as stainless steel chrome-nickel or even X6CrNiMo should be used.

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