Gormen Measuring Technology

Only if we are a good business partner for you and you are satisfied with our products, we can be successful in this market. We will do everything we can to make our business partners happy and satisfied.


You can rely on us and plan your projects with us!

We at Gormen Measuring Technology want to persist on the market by being a growing and healthy company. This way we intend to enter a interesting future with our business partners. We are going to achieve our earnings targets and growth targets by the constant improvement in all areas of Gormen Measuring Technology. Individual pressure measuring technology and temperature measuring technology adapted to the respective application location, are developed in cooperation with our business partners and manufactured in our production facility.


The extensive product range of Gormen Measuring Technology, is expanded, improved and adapted to the ever increasing demands of our customers. Among other things, you will find pressure and temperature measurement technology, pressure gauge valves and siphons. Our quality management is based entirely on ensuring that our high-quality products meet the quality requirements of our customers.


The business partners of Gormen Measuring Technology, come from the ventilation, heating and air conditioning as well as the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We want to be a competent partner for our business partners and this is only possible if our pressure measuring technology and temperature measuring technology are durable in industrial applications and a constant improvement is made. A trusting cooperation is indispensable to be able to offer comprehensive solutions.